today went into another house, owned by a guy working at Mc Donalds, a random failure, put my medical mask, drew my sickle, and went, he had a dog, he was pretty cute, so I opened her belly with an almost perfect cut, the man went to drink water, so innocent, then threw the body of his dog on his feet, he crouched and wept a little, humans appear to be well attached to these things, so he started looking for me while cursed, I left under the table with my coat tighter, is hard to find clothes for somone if 2.5 meters, until now not found any, he was startled as he looked at my black glasses, they have to meet the fact of not having pupils, he ran, could very easily stick it, but this and the best part, he hid in his blankets, so I pulled away, only to put him hope, then esqueirei me to the side of his bed, and said in his ear his coberor not you protected me, the rest of you guys already may know, I not beheaded him because for me it disrespectful and now I'll post it in a creepypastas site, with many spelling error to think that it was a kid who wrote it,that gona make they continue not believing in me, they know me as the Grim Reaper, you know my real name? unamed